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Tumakke | Traditional house with a stone roof

Tumakke is one of the cultural icons of Toraja, where on this site there is an old traditional house whose entire roof is made of stone slabs. It is located in Banga’ village, Rembon sub-district, Tana Toraja, located about 10 km from the town of Makale.

Tongkonan papa batu means a traditional house with a stone roof. Derived from the word “Tongkonan” designation for the Toraja traditional house, “papa” (Toraja : roof) and “batu” (stone). This classic traditional house is estimated to have been around 700 years old and is the only tongkonan house in Toraja with a stone roof.

 Tongkonan papa batu Tumakke: traditional house with a stone roof

Tongkonan Tumakke has a length of about 20 m, width 5,30 m and height 5,70 m. Built according to the direction in the tradition of traditional Toraja house architecture, namely north south. The total number of poles there are 53 pieces that are dialed with pedestals of natural stone.

All parts of the building except the roof use wood. The roof uses padas and andesite stones in the form of flat plates with an average size of 40-50 cm (width), 30-60 cm (length) and 5-7 cm (thickness). These stones are perforated at the ends and then tied with natural ropes (rattan or palm fiber) to the roof retaining wood. The ridge uses bamboo.

Tongkonan Tumakke has the role of tongkonan batu a’riri, which is a tongkonan where the unity of a family is built. The social status of the tongkonan occupants can be seen from the type of carvings used and the number of buffalo horns mounted on the front pillars of the house. Type of carving and the number of buffalo horns is a sign that the occupants of the tongkonan house are nobles.

Like other old tongkonan in Toraja, Tongkonan Papa Batu Tumakke is sacred by the family and local community. Visitors must ask permission of the families of tongkonan residents if they want to go up the house. There are things that cannot be broken. One of them, if someone wants to enter the house then he must knock his head three times on the doorway of the house.

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