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Tilangnga’ | Natural lake with local legends

Tilangnga’ is a lake or natural pond located in Sarira village, North Makale sub-district, located ±10 km from Makale city.

Not just an ordinary natural pool, Tilangnga’ has legendary stories that are an integral part of this lake. Some are lacking when visiting here without knowing the history of the Tilangnga’ baths. This lake is located at the foot of Mount Sarira which is very cool. Very clear springs come out of rocky crevices and never dry even though long droughts. This lake is surrounded by rocks and lush trees.

pict by @surya.sanjaya.1420

Attraction :

  • Lake with the clarity of the water
  • Masapi (eel)
  • Mother and child turned stone

The history of the discovery of the lake begins with someone named Arung walking with a dog along the forest. For a while, the dog splashed into a hole, presumably the hole was a hole in the stone even though it was a spring that had been covered with leaves so it could not be seen. In short, he then went home and told his neighbors so that they came to clean the place and become a lake.

One of the uniqueness of this lake is the existence of masapi (eel fish) which will come out closer when given eggs. This fish is sacred by the surrounding community so it should not be disturbed. Eel is a type of fish that lives in a particular place, one of which is its habitat in this pond.

The mythology of the eel in this lake is a person who turns into a large eel. One time there was a civil war and he was chased by his enemy so he jumped into the lake and never reappeared. He turned into a large eel in the lake, which is why this eel should not be eaten. Anyone who eats it will die.

Local legend, in ancient times a mother and her child came to wash, even though it was hard to wash anything in the lake. When washing, there was heavy rain, so the mother and her child took shelter in a cave in the eastern part of the lake.

Either because they felt inhibited by the rain they swore, which should not be said carelessly in that place. Shortly the lightning and lightning boomed violently grabbed the mother with her child who sat sheltering in the cave so they became stone.

That said, if there are couples who do not have children, they come to the cave carrying eggs and incense and beg for the stone to be given offspring. If granted, when the applicant holds the breast of the mother’s statue, white water will come out resembling mother’s milk. Anyone interested? Just try it.

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