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The origin of Sanggalangi’ sub-district’s name

Sanggalangi’ is known as the name of one of the sub-districts in North Toraja which is formed based on Regional Regulation No. 03 of 2005. The name Sanggalangi’ has a meaning based on two versions that develop in the community that is linguistically geographic and linguistic historically.

Linguistically geographical

Geographically the name of the mountain in the Buntu Rangri row, one of which is named Sanggalangi’ . The Buntu Rangri row is as follows:

  1. The northernmost is called Malenong
  2. Rante Aa’
  3. Eran Batu
  4. Sanggalangi’
  5. Between Eran Batu and Sanggalangi’ called Basu’ Baine
  6. The southmost is called Tampang Allo

The use of the name Sanggalangi’ began at the formation of the sub-district from the district, which had been Kesu’ district made into a sub-district, so the name Sanggalangi’ was chosen by community leaders at that time, namely Ne’ Tambing from Madandan and Ne’ Reba from Kesu’ on the grounds that this mountain can be seen from all the sub-district territories, including Nanggala, Tondon, Sangla’boran, Madandan and Nonongan, Buntao’, Bokin and Pitung Penanian.

Historical linguistics

Historically, ‘Sanggalangi’ ’ was the name of a person, namely a hero of his time who had defended Datu (King) Luwu in a dispute with the Kingdom of Bone. Then as an expression of gratitude from Luwu to Sanggalangi’, they entered into an agreement with the name Basse Sangtempe’. This area is often called Nasipi’ Batu Batoa, meaning it is located between two rocks (strength), namely Luwu and Matari’ Allo (Toraja). Land is Luwu but the person is from Matari’ Allo.

During the turbulent times of DI/TII in South Sulawesi, this area was the basis of a mob, armed people’s heroes coordinated with Kamban Rantetandung which was an extension of the TNI, and managed to crush DI/TII groups around the Pantilang/Basse Sangtempe area. As a result of the incident, this name was chosen for the name of the District.

This name was chosen for the sub-district when the district name change became a sub-district by Kamban Rantetandung who was appointed as the first sub-district head to replace S.B. Sarungallo as the Parengnge’ District of Kesu’ in Tombang Kalua’. Because he is remembered / impressed with the name Sanggalangi’ which binds the agreement or Basse with Datu Luwu in his time.

The basse sounds are as follows:

“Ditananmi Basse Sangtempe’, Disanga To Nasipi’ Batu Batoa, Diosokmi Panda Sanguaian, Digente’ To Naparanta’, Tanete Kalando”.

Reference : 186.

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