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Ta’pan Langkan | Ancient site with liang paa’

Ta’pan Langkan is an ancient site in the form of an ancient cemetery located in village of Rinding Batu, Kesu’ sub-district, North Toraja. This cemetery began to be used in the 17th century by 5 families including Pasang and Belolangi’.

 Liang paa’ in Ta’pan Langkan

On the rock wall cliffs there are several ancient tombs carved into the cliff wall. According to local information, on this site there was a tau-tau (statues) in the past but has long been lost. Special place on the cliff carved to put the tau-tau was empty.

The other side of Ta’pan Langkan is a beautiful landscape. Climb to the summit and you will see the entire valley in the Kesu’ region, flanked by the Sarira mountains and Sopai mountains.

 Panorama from the peak of Ta’pan Langkan
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