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Tampang Allo | Natural cave with erong and statues

Sangalla’ has many tourist attractions that are famous and crowded with foreign tourists, one of which is the Tampang Allo.

Tampang Allo natural cave and coffins. Photo ig@virtevio

Tampang Allo is ± 7 km from the city of Makale precisely located in the neighborhood of Sarapung, Tongko Sarapung, Sangalla sub-district.

Only a few hundred meters from Suaya, the Tamapng Allo are natural caves in which there are erongs (ancient coffins), statues (tau-tau) of Puang Manturino with his wife Puang Rangga Bulaan and their offspring and the bones of the victims of Ra’ba Biang (disease outbreaks) in 1918 that could not be transported to their respective burial sites because of the large number of people who died at that time.

Statues and coffins. Photo ig@djaudieonthemove

Tampang Allo’s natural cave holds an interesting story about Puang Manturino with his wife Puang Rangga Bulaan.

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