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Tambolang | the archaeological and cultural site

Tambolang are historical and archaeological destinations that are very close to the city of Rantepao. It is located in Mentirotiku village, Rantepao sub-district, North Toraja.

Erongs and liang paa’ in Tambolang

This destination has many erong placed on rock cliffs and tombs carved into stone or locally called liang paa’. It appears that there are still some traces of wood and holes as a place to hang erong when placed first. However, because it is weathered, the buffer along with the erongs fall to the bottom of the cliff.

The rock cliff used as an ancient burial

Erong is an ancient chest belonging to the ancestors of the Toraja tribe whose unique shape resembles a boat, buffalo and pig. This ancient chest was made and placed according to the owner’s social strata.

From the top of Tambolang you will see a beautiful natural panorama. The city of Rantepao, rice fields, valley, settlement and karst mountains will be seen from its peak. The observation trail is very good because it has been made permanent from the entrance to the top.

Panorama from the top of Tambolang
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