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Suaya | Cliff tombs of the leaders of Sangalla

Suaya is located in Bulian Massa’bu, Sangalla’ sub-district. Located 9 km from the city of Makale. The closest access from Makale is the Sangalla’-Makale axis route through Turunan village. The derivation and location are passed by public transportation. The closest attractions are Tampang Allo, Buntu Kalando museum and baby grave Kambira’.
Suaya cliff. Photo ig@fireringof
Suaya is a historical tourist attraction where there are cemeteries on rock cliffs that are equipped with tau-tau (statues) and ancient coffins. The stone tomb here is a funeral dedicated to Puang Tamboro Langi’ (to mellao langi’, to turun di batara) and its descendants. Nearby is the funeral of the leaders of Sangalla’ and their descendants. Puang Tamboro Langi’ is the ancestor of the Toraja people who are carriers and spreaders of aluk sanda saratu’ in the Tallu Lembangna region. He has 8 children, one of them named Puang Sanda Boro who gave birth to the famous Puang Lakipadada.
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