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Sirope | The ancient site of Lion Tondok Iring

Historical facts that are inherited from generation to generation in Sirope are something very interesting to explore. So before you travel to Sirope, you should first consider its historical reviews. In order not to confuse information, I try to refer to pre-existing libraries.

Archaeological sites Sirope has many erongs used for burial by surrounding communities in the past.

Sirope archaeological site

The erong was imported from the Sa’dan area which was carried along the Sa’dan river. Erongs in Sirope is well organized and initially depends on rock cliffs. Although now it no longer depends on the rock cliffs but the erongs is still well maintained.

Erong was the best corpse before the iron age where people began carving stones for funerals. Therefore nobles and people who are able to buy erong as a funeral.

The history of Sirope began at the beginning of the establishment of the village of Lion Tondok Iring, as follows:

Tradition mentions that the first migrant in this village was Puang Batan in Lomben, which settled on Mount Lomben. Then followed by the presence of Puang Tarangenge which built its tongkonan on the summit of Mount Kambio Langi’ around the Pa’gasingan area. The two Topadatindo members, Rere’ and Saarongre, initiated the formation of the Lion Tondok Iring village with the title “Padang direngnge’ tondok patina lotong“. Lion itself comes from the word “To lumion tondok to sumambe’ tama kali bintin“, which means the founder of this country is as sturdy as unplugged stakes.

Named “sirope” or “sirompa” which means “community meeting from several villages”, it was decided in a discussion by several villages namely Lion, Mandetek, Tondok Iring and Mariali. Deliberations were held to determine the funeral cave for the community around the village.

This site is located in Lion, Lion Tondok Iring village, North Makale sub-district, within ± 1,2 km of the Makale – Rantepao axis road.

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