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Sarambu Marurun waterfall

Gliding swiftly from the mountains and has three levels, this is Sarambu Marurun waterfall located in village of Buntu Karua, Awan Rante Karua sub-district, North Toraja.

Sarambu Marurun waterfall, North Toraja

To reach the location, visitors will travel for ± 3 hours from Makale city. Access to it can be reached through 2 lines. From the city of Makale via the Rantetayo- Kurra- Awan axis road or the Rantepao route via the Pangala’-Awan axis road.

A trip that is quite far will pay off if you have reached the location of the waterfall. The atmosphere is beautiful, cool and natural will make your exploration will not be in vain.

Facilities in the location are quite adequate, some are under construction, including vehicle parking, locker room if you want to swim, toilet, gazebo and cast road to explore the beauty of the waterfall . There is a permanent staircase so visitors can ride from the lower waterfall to the upper level.

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