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Sarambu Dua’ & Sarambu Marendeng | Waterfall in North Baruppu’

Sarambu Dua’ waterfall

Far to the north of Toraja, precisely in North Baruppu’ village, Baruppu’ sub-district, there are waterfalls namely Sarambu Dua’ and Sarambu Marendeng. “Sarambu ” in Toraja means waterfall. The location and access road to both waterfalls are the same.

Vehicles can only reach Sarambu Dua’ and visitors continue on foot down the cliff and riverbank upstream to reach Sarambu Marendeng.

The height of the waterfall in Sarambu Dua’ is only about 3 meters but has a large and clear pool which is usually occupied by swimming by visitors and residents around.

Swimming in the clear waters of Sarambu Dua’

Sarambu Marendeng is about 1 km upstream from the same river flow as Sarambu Dua’. Although the water level at the second location is much higher, the pool of water is much smaller. The word “Marendeng ” means survivor or life. So named because it is said that there was once a person who fell from the top of a waterfall where underneath many rocks, but he managed to survive or marendeng.

Sarambu Marendeng waterfall

The distance from the city of Rantepao to the Sarambu Dua’ waterfall is about 41 km via the Lolai line. Although quite far, both of these waterfalls complement the beauty and exotic natural panorama of Baruppu’.

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