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Megalithic site of Rante Karassik,

Rante Karassik is located in Rinding Batu Village, Kesu District, North Toraja. Rante Karassik is a place to carry out the traditional burial ceremony of the aristocracy of the tongkonan Potoksia Buntu Pune.

This place began to be used by Pong Maramba’ in the 19th century for the highest level traditional ceremony (rambu solo’ rapasan sundun) for his family. There are dozens of stone simbuang (menhir / megaliths) of various sizes which were erected as a sign that there have been many the highest level of rambu solo’ ceremony (rapasan) held at this place.

Menhirs in Rante Karassik

When it was first established, the location of rante was in Rante Menduruk. The simbuang stone was first erected for the funeral of Sindo’ Lai’ Karippang in 1905. After the funeral service was over, the Dutch army came to ask the hut (lantang) where the funeral was held to Siambe’ Pong Maramba’ to be used as an army dormitory. Lantang will be given if the Dutch move the stone simbuang to Rante Karassik. Dutch troops accept the offer.

In 1906 the Dutch moved the simbuang stone to the rante in Karassik which is where it is now and Rante Menduruk became the Dutch army dormitory which is now occupied by the District Military Command 1414 Toraja. Rante Karassik has the status of a cultural preservation since 1979. Rante Karassik has a Tongkonan whose status is Pa’ Buntang Sugi’, namely Buntu Pune, in the village of Ba’tan, Kesu’ sub-district.

Rante Karassik is part of the ancient site of Buntu Pune which is a unit that has been nominated to become a UNESCO world heritage site.

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