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Pulu’-Pulu’ | The coldest village in Toraja

Hearing the name Pulu’-Pulu’ may still feel strange to some people even to the Toraja people themselves, but this is not the case with the outside world. How does the outside world know Pulu’-Pulu’? Every foreign tourist who travels to and from Baruppu’ will stop by and usually stay at Pulu’-Pulu’. Pulu’-Pulu’ arabica coffee which has a distinctive flavor and aroma is one of the best variants of Toraja coffee in the international coffee trade.

Pulu’-Pulu’s traditional settlement

Pulu’-Pulu’ ’is a lembang/village in the district of Buntu Pepasan, North Toraja which is ± 10 km from Sapan and ± 50 km from the city of Rantepao with an area of ​​13 km², above the altitude of 1,800 meters above sea level, mountainous topography and some of its area is protected forest. As is usually the case in the highlands, cold and cool.
The population is around 1,469 people and most of them work as farmers who cultivate 3 of Pulu’-Pulu’s leading commodities, namely arabica coffee, tamarillo and purple passion fruit.

There are several interesting Pulu’-Pulu’tourist destinations to visit, namely:

1. Pulu’-Pulu’ agrotourism
2. Tongkonan To’ Barana’
3. Salu Issong Waterfall
4. Pulu’-Pulu’ Landscape (natural landscape)

Pulu’-Pulu’ Agro Tourism

Tree tomatoo or tamarillo

Pulu’-Pulu’ Agro Tourism is a leading agro tourist destination in Toraja. How come there are not three main commodities that grow and are not found elsewhere, namely tamarillo, purple passion fruit and arabica coffee. All three are highland specific plants, so of course they only grow and bear fruit well if planted on highlands such as Pulu’-Pulu’.

Visitors can come at any time because the farmers throughout the day are in their garden. Visitors can enjoy fresh tamarillo and passion fruit picked directly from the tree, of course in accordance with the agreement with the garden owner. The location of this plantation is above the altitude of more than 1,800 masl. Taking a walk on the stretch of tamarillo and passion fruit gardens along with the cool mountain air becomes a sensation when visiting here.

Tongkonan To’ Barana’

Traditional classical Toraja house

The Tongkonan To’ Barana’ tourist destination consists of traditional Toraja housing and there is an old traditional Toraja house all made of wood, both roofs and other building parts. The old Tongkonan was built in 1962. The ancient Toraja house model built with wood, was done manually.

Tongkonan To’ Barana’ is famous because it has become a stopover for foreign tourists who travel from or to Baruppu’ and local visitors who come to Pulu’-Pulu’. When traveling, do not hesitate to stop by here or you go overnight to stay overnight.

Salu Issong Waterfall

Salu Issong waterfall

Salu Issong Waterfall is located in the Pulu’-Pulu’ village, district of Buntu Pepasan District. North Toraja. This waterfall is one of the tourist destinations for tourists who come to this area.

Although the water level is not too high, but because it is located near the main Pulu’-Pulu’ road, you should not miss this waterfall while visiting Pulu’-Pulu’.

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