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Pango-Pango | Above the sky of Toraja

Pango-Pango is the name of the highest mountain in South Makale, Tana Toraja. This one destination is no less popular than other destinations in Toraja. Like the nickname ‘above the sky of Toraja’, you are really like being in the sky of Toraja.

Administratively, Pango-Pango enters into two urban areas, namely Tosapan and Pasang, South Makale sub-district, Tana Toraja. Visitors must travel a distance of ±8 km from the Toraja-Makassar axis road to reach the top of Pango-Pango.

View from Pango-Pango. Photo ig@veraverr

Located at an altitude of more than 1,600 meters above sea level, it certainly makes the atmosphere of Pango-Pango very cool and cold. That is why agrotourism is highly recommended as a place for recreation, stress relief and camping. Agro tourism is called because this place has an agro concept. There are pine forests, cacao, pango-pango and other horticultural plants that are traditionally cultivated by local residents.

The road access is already very good and facilities are increasingly developing making Pango-Pango the perfect choice to visit.

Support facilities such as the gazebo to relax, parking areas for vehicles, toilets, inns, playgrounds such as outbound, suspension bridges and flying fox, hobbit houses, pathways to explore the lush pine forests and various cool spots for camping.

Wonderfull clouds. Photo ig@irsyadpoetragura

And the cool thing is that visitors can enjoy the scrolls of clouds that cover the hills below, leaving only visible peaks. Also the charm of the sunrise and sunset here is guaranteed top.

Besides the very charming landscape, this mountain also has a historical side where Pango-pango began to be known and made as a settlement.

The highest peak in Pango-Pango named Tendan Bara’ is the place where the Dutch make a wall monument because it is a very beautiful peak. The Netherlands also built housing in Pango-Pango when they came to power in Toraja.

During the Japanese occupation, Pango-Pango was made a sanctuary by the Toraja people and made a temporary home above. From historical records, Japan apparently also joined up to make holes for protection and monitoring of the enemy. A broad view from above is the reason why Pango-Pango is used as a place of refuge or protection during the colonial period.

photo by@wawan.vandita

Enjoying the cool pine forests or the panorama from the top of Pango-Pango while enjoying Toraja coffee with colleagues or family is a way to spend a pleasant weekend.

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