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Pana’ | Ancient site of Sesean Suloara’

Pana’ is an ancient cemetery with grave holes carved into a large rocky cliff. Each grave hole is owned by one family group.

Ancient site of Pana’, Sesean Suloara’

This ancient site is no less unique than Lo’ko’mata and Lemo, which are both stone carved rock tomb complexes. Lo’ko’mata has hundreds of grave holes surrounding a giant round stone, then in Lemo, hundreds of grave holes are made on cliffs that extend horizontally, while in Pana’, grave holes are made on rock cliffs that extend vertically. If Lo’ko’mata and Lemo are still actively used until now, Pana’ seems to be no longer used.

At the top of this large rock cliff overgrown with wild plants including large trees whose roots protrude from the top toward the bottom of the stone. This stone tomb complex looks like it is in the middle of the forest because it is surrounded by many wild plants.

Ancient cemetery on a rock cliff

There is also a tree which is used as a baby’s burial place. Pana’ is only a few dozen meters away from the main road of Tikala-Suloara’, in Sesean Suloara’ sub-district, North Toraja.

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