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Pala’ Tokke | The cultural heritage

Pala’ Tokke is a registered one in the Toraja Traditional Settlement that was nominated as a UNESCO world heritage. This cultural heritage is 7 km from the city of Rantepao, located in Pa’paelean village, Sanggalangi’ sub-district, North Toraja.

At this cultural site there is a hanging tomb placed on a mountain cliff. There are 4 erong (ancient coffin) hanging above the cliff, three boat-shaped and one buffalo-shaped. At first all erong here depends on the cliff but due to weathering finally fell to the bottom of the cliff.

 Erong hung on the cliff of the Pala’ Tokke

Referring to a study that says that the number of erong found in Pala’ Tokke is 9, namely 6 in the boat-shaped, 2 in the buffalo-shaped and 1 in the pig-shaped. Orientation in the direction of laying erong is north-south. According to traditional Toraja beliefs, the south is a place of puya where spirits reside.

In general there are 3 forms of erong made by the ancestors of Toraja, namely the shape of a boat, buffalo and pig. These three forms dominate the erong findings at all ancient Toraja tomb sites.

About 200 m to the north of the tomb, there is a traditional settlement with its rante (field of death ceremonies) with its menhirs.

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