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Pa’baladoan | The lovely panorama of Masanda

For landscape lovers, the beauty of this one destination may not be missed. His name is Pa’baladoan which is located in Ratte Buttu village, Masanda sub-district, Tana Toraja. The location of Pa’baladoan is at the top of a mountain with a view that is almost 360 °, with a landscape of 2 districts namely Tana Toraja and Mamasa.

The main view that becomes the main attraction of this destination is rice fields, settlements and mountains that seem to be arranged in parallel to 3 long lines starting from top to bottom or from east to west.

Panorama of Pa’baladoan

The first row is a row of tiny rice fields arranged lined up and down like stairs. The second line is a residential settlement built in line following the direction of the Toraja-Mamasa axis road. The third row behind it is hills.

The best time to visit Pa’baladoan is during the rice planting season, because the landscape with verdant rice or when the rice has turned yellow is the real face of Pa’baladoan.

There are several gazebos to take shelter from the hot sun and rain while enjoying the scenery.

The road access to Pa’baladoan is very good starting from Makale city center to Masanda sub-district. However, the last 1 km to the location at the top is still a stub road that cannot be passed by vehicles during the rainy season.

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