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Ollon | Excellent landscape of western Toraja

The natural landscape “tondok lepongan bulan” is a title for Toraja, never ending its charm. Being above the mountains seems to be a very big gift for Toraja. Look at this one. Ollon, a village in Bau village, Bonggakaradeng sub-district is a favorite destination that should not be missed when visiting Toraja. A village that is truly beautiful and stunning.

Ollon’s main attraction is the hilly landscape, which is dominated by grasses and its hills are passed by a very clear river. Tourists who have been there call it the teletubbies hill because of its beauty and greenery which it says is similar to the landscape in the legendary series.

One of the many views in Ollon

I prefer to call it “the land of cowboy”. There are lots of horses and cows, along with fenced areas for confining cattle made from trunks or branches of small dried trees. Then the Ollon landscape with extensive grassland is very suitable for the farm area. Horses, cows, wooden fences and vast fields reminded of western-style cowboy films. It’s identical.

The horses that have been there have been kept by residents since long ago because they were used as a means of transportation before there were motorbikes or cars.

To get to Ollon we have to travel a distance of ± 60 km from downtown Makale. The distance of the last 10 km is still in the form of un-casted roads which are dominated by gravel and clay. For adventurers, the route to Ollon should be a choice. If you use a trail bike or a car with 4WD tourists can visit at any time, but if only a non-trail motorbike or 2WD car should avoid rain conditions.

Unlike the majority of tourist destinations in Toraja with cool temperatures, Ollon is hotter. This is because the altitude of this region is the lowest part of the total area in Toraja. Ticket entry in Ollon is only five thousand rupiah per person.

When visiting Ollon you should plan to spend the night there. Exploring Ollon will not be enough in just one day considering half of it is travel time to the location. You can bring your own camping equipment or spend the night at the residents’ house. Visits are very crowded on holidays or at least on Saturdays and Sundays.

Another unique thing about Ollon is its remote location because the distance to the settlement is approximately 10 km. Residential housing almost collects in one location with an elementary school building and one church. And one more. The daily drinking water of the residents there is not as white as usual but is reddish. This is because they add sa’pang bark when cooking water.

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