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Mebali Marinding | the ancient site of Marinding

The ancient site of Mebali Marinding is located in the Marinding village, Mengkendek sub-district, Tana Toraja. The location is about 5 km from the Makale-Mengkendek road km 7. Collections from this site include traditional housing, passilliran (baby grave), sacred heritage objects, ancient cemeteries, old wells, caves and so on.

This site stands the Toraja traditional settlement that is Tongkonan Mebali Marinding which has the status of tongkonan kaparengngesan with the function as a tongkonan Pa’palumbangan. Tongkonan Pa’palumbangan served as the center of government in a traditional area in the past before the existence of a system of government as it was known in this modern era.

Tongkonan at the ancient site of Mebali Marinding

Underneath the foot of the stone hill where there is a tongkonan standing, there are ancient tombs belonging to the family of tongkonan. There are many ancient crates (erong) placed along the rock cliffs. There are also several graves carved into the cliffs as is common to the Toraja people.

One of the stone grave and erong in Mebali Marinding site

Right at the foot of the hill there is also an old well that has been used since ancient times until now. This well has springs coming out of crevices in the rocks.

In front of the tongkonan there is a passilliran (baby’s grave on a tree) from the past in the form of a tree that has a large trunk. The tree stands firm and lush on the edge of a cliff. Passilliran is a form of burial of the Toraja tribe in the past which is intended for babies who have not yet grown their teeth. Over time, this tomb will shrink and then merge with the tree, it grows with trees.

Another attraction of the Mebali Marinding site is the beautiful natural panorama. Because it is located on a rock hill, this site looks so beautiful when viewed from afar, the same as the view from the top of the site. In front of the site stretches paddy fields, residential housing, hills and roads.

Marinding landscape
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