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Marante Tondon | The ancient site

The Marante site is located in Marante, Tondon, Tondon sub-district, North Toraja. Here there are tongkonan, ancient tombs and residential areas.

Ancient tombs on this site are on the cliff of a karst hill that resembles a cave, extending to the east – west along 30m with a height of about 5 m. In front of him there is a highway and elementary school. While under the cave there are many patane (graves made of cast cement).

This ancient cave has a collection of erong and tau-tau. There are erong with several forms such as boats, buffaloes and traditional carvings. In the past there were lots of erong here but it was diminishing due to damage both naturally and by human activity. On the cave wall there are former holes to plant wooden blocks as a buffer erong that is hung.

There are several tau-tau located in front of the cave adjacent to erong.

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