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Makula’ | The natural hot springs

Makula’ is ± 12 km from the city of Makale by going through the Sangalla’- Batualu axis road. This natural attraction is located in Tokesan village, North Sangalla’ district. In the colonial era this tourist attraction was made into a Japanese army camp.

Makula’ is famous for its hot spring baths. The hot water comes out of limestone and sandstone which dominates the land structure at Sangalla’. Hot springs are groundwater that comes out of the earth’s crust after geothermal heating.

Makula’ hot springs, Tana Toraja. Foto ig@evi_vanvin

The heat source comes from the magma bag under the dead end (mountain) of Kaero. The hot water then flows through the andesitic Kaero lava rock fracture and exits in 3 adjacent springs.

The highest temperature of Makula’ hot water is around 43°C at ambient temperature (22°C), the pH is relatively neutral (7.7 – 8.1), 1 litre/sec water discharge, clear and water smells of sulfur.

Excessive heat can dilute mineral solids, so that water from hot springs contains high levels of minerals, such as calcium, lithium, or radium. Bathing or soaking in mineral hot water is believed to cure various kinds of diseases.

Makula’s hot spring baths’ have become a complex with accommodation services, namely the Makula hotel’ as well as food and drink services. The hot water pool consists of 2 pools which are for children and adults.

The journey from Makale city can be reached in around 30 minutes. Visitors will be presented with a very beautiful panorama of nature around Makula’. Paddy fields under the valley with the Bebo’s mountain background.

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