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Lombok Parinding

Lombok Parinding is an archaeological site with hundreds of erong attractions (ancient coffins) with various motifs and sizes that are estimated to be ±700 years old.

This cultural preserve is located in village of Parinding, Sesean sub-district, North Toraja, which is about 8 km from the city of Rantepao.

Erong Lombok

Lombok Parinding was first occupied by a man named Tomangli, the son of Bongga Tonapo and Datu Banua, who were Palairan’s grandchildren with Patodemanik. They then settled there, built houses and farmed. Tomangli gave birth to 8 children who have grown to the seventh generation.

If calculating the age of the Lombok Parinding erong grave starting from the eight Tomangli children, then erong Lombok is approximately 700 years old.

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