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Lolai | The land above the clouds

Who says Toraja doesn’t have a sea?. It also has. But it’s not a sea of ​​water but a sea of ​​clouds. If you are in another place, you will see clouds up, but if you visit Toraja, the clouds will see you up. Amazing.

amazing clouds in Lolai. Photo ig@fahmisyafri

Toraja is now not just a matter of death tourism or just cultural tourism that is already famous throughout the world. There are many choices including natural tourism. One of the most hits is Lolai. The main attraction of this tourist area is the very exotic scenery of the clouds. And also the charming sunrise and sunset.

Lolai is at an altitude of ± 1,300 masl, located in Kapala Pitu sub-district, North Toraja. The distance from the city of Rantepao is around 20 km. Travel time is around 45 minutes – 1 hour. Visitors may arrive early in the morning or if they have plenty of time come the day before. Because if you leave at noon, you can enjoy the scenery along a journey that is no less beautiful.

In the tourist area Lolai there are many inns available so visitors do not need to worry about accommodation. Many food stalls are also available.

you higher than the clouds. Photo ig@hasbyradjab

In the tourist area, visitors can visit several available spots, namely Tongkonan Lempe, To’ Tombi’, Pongtorra’, Bukit Nato and Dipomelo Pindan. These spots offer different concepts. So visitors will not be bored visiting Lolai because there are many choices.

Tongkonan Lempe

In Tongkonan Lempe visitors can enjoy a roll of thick clouds and sunrise at dawn. With the background of a Toraja traditional house (tongkonan), it presents a scene that shows that this place is indeed above the clouds. Clouds will appear little by little until the entire area is covered in thick clouds.

But the appearance of clouds is influenced by weather conditions. Rain will make the clouds disappear. But even though there are no clouds, the landscape of the city of Rantepao that is visible from a height will be a commensurate substitute.

Here visitors can set up tents or stay at available homestays while waiting for the clouds to appear. Because it’s above the altitude, it’s certain that Lolai is very cold. But that’s the best time to enjoy a cup of the famous Toraja coffee.

To’ Tombi’

Same with its neighboring spot, Tongkonan Lempe, this one spot also offers exotic cloud views. Here visitors can stand parallel to the clouds because of their slightly lower location. There are also many facilities and facilities that are very adequate.

This place is also known as Paragliding Hill because of its location that is very suitable for the aerospace sport.


Pongtorra’ is the highest spot in the tourist area of ​​Lolai. The cloud phenomenon can of course be enjoyed in this place. Because it is at an altitude, visitors will be free to enjoy the natural panorama from here. No less creative, there are some cool and interesting spot selfies.

The facilities available include glamping (glamor camping), paint ball arena, hammock. Next

Nato Hill

Nato Hill which is ± 300 m from To’ Tombi’. Besides the cool clouds, this spot has a very creative concept. There are libraries that are designed like in the middle of the forest, there are tree houses, camping places, natural panoramas and many other developments.

Peak of Dipomelo Pindan

The concept offered by this one spot is a natural panorama with cool misty atmosphere. There are tongkonan with five alang (barns) that can be used to rest or relax. The place is very beautiful with a wide and charming view.

The location is located in Lembang Polopadang, Kapala Pitu sub-district, North Toraja, precisely on the road axis of the Ka’do –Dende’ km 15.

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