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List of attractions : Statues (tau-tau)

Lemo | The ancient site

The Lemo tourist attraction is located in Lemo, Sarira sub-district, North Makale, about 800 m from the Rantepao-Makale axis road. Lemo has long been known…
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Londa | The ancient cave

For Torajans, death is not something that is scary. Death is not a point where life really ends. Humans only turn to other forms of…
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Marante Tondon | The ancient site

The Marante site is located in Marante, Tondon, Tondon sub-district, North Toraja. Here there are tongkonan, ancient tombs and residential areas. Ancient tombs on this…
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The tomb of Pong Massangka’

Tourist attraction in the form of a historical tomb is located in Pangli, Sesean District, North Toraja, ± 8 km away from the city of…
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