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Lali’ Manuk | The ancient site

Lali’ Manuk is an ancient site that has a large collection of erong. Being in a cave under the foot of Mount Lali’ Manuk, Parinding village, Sesean, North Toraja.

The ancient tomb of Lali’ Manuk was first used by someone named Pese Matua and his wife Royan Allo. Both are from Sesean and have 12 children. Their children then spread to various regions and some also lived around the foot of Mount Lali’ Manuk (Tannun Deata / Buntu Tille).

 Lali’ Manuk erongs

In further developments, erong Lali’ Manuk is also used by Paerunan who are from Rangri’. They settled around the foot of Mount Lali’ Manuk (To’ Kamiri) and gave birth to 4 children, who later married the children of Pese Matua. Erong Lali’ Manuk is estimated to be ±700 years old.

Erong location is about 300 m from the main road Parinding. Besides erong, Mount Lali’ Manuk also has a very beautiful landscape view. From the top, you will see a row of traditional houses, bamboo forests, rice fields and karst hills.

 top view of Lali’ Manuk
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