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Ke’te’ Kesu’ | The traditional settlement of Toraja

Ke’te Kesu’ is the most famous traditional village in Toraja and became one of the main destinations of tourists when visiting Toraja. Its strategic position is because it is near the road shaft Kesu’- Sanggalangi’, ± 4 km from the city of Rantepao. Located in Panta’nakan Lolo Village, Kesu’ sub-district, North Toraja.

Ke’te’ Kesu’. Photo ig@ersapri

The traditional Ke’te Kesu’ village is managed by the Ke’te Kesu’ Foundation. This village is ± 400 years old and has continued to maintain the customs and culture of Toraja from the time of the ancestors to the present. This cultural heritage area is included in one of the traditional Toraja settlements that has been nominated to become a UNESCO world heritage.

Interesting things that can be found in Ke’te’ Kesu’ are a line of Toraja traditional houses consisting of 6 tongkonan and 12 alang (barns) , old burial sites hanging on cliffs, rante which has more than 20 menhirs, stretches of rice fields and buffalo grazing areas around it, and traditional ceremonies that are often carried out at the site.

Traditional house in Ke’te’ Kesu’. Photo ig@photogenicdestination

There is a tongkonan house that has been used as a museum that collects ancient items such as ceramics, weapons, carvings, sculptures and the first red and white flag (national flag) raised in Toraja. These ancient items belonged to the ancestors of a family.

The popularity of Ke’te’ Kesu’ was proven by winning the award as the “most popular traditional village” in 2017 in the Indonesian Enchantment Award. This traditional village is also never empty of visitors.

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