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Ke’pe’ Tinoring baby graves

The Ke’pe’ Passilliran (baby grave) is located in the Ke’pe’ Tinoring village, Mengkendek sub-district, ± 30 m from the Makale-Mengkendek axis road Km 7.

Passilliran is one form of burial in Toraja which is devoted to burying babies who have died when they have not yet grown their teeth. The baby is buried in a large tree that is gummy and growing. According to traditional belief, white tree sap is a substitute for breast milk for the baby.

Baby graves in Ke’pe’ Tinoring, Toraja

The tree used in this passilliran is a banyan tree that is very large and grows thick soaring. Inside the carved tree trunk is stored the bodies of babies covered with woven reed fibers glued together with wooden pegs.

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