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Kande Api | The traditional settlement

The traditional settlements of Kande Api is located in Taniasa, Buntu Barana’ village, Tikala sub-district, North Toraja. This settlement has a cultural collection of 4 tongkonans (Toraja traditional houses), 14 alangs (granary), rante (where menhirs are built) and several liang (burial sites).

tongkonans in Taniasa, Kande Api

According to tradition, the tongkonan of Taniasa Kande Api is around 270 years old. In the beginning, the four tongkonans each stood alone and were aligned with the position of the church and the rante behind them. But around 1970, the generation of tongkonans dredged the ground to a lower level and collected all the tongkonans in line with their present position.

The tongkonan house is facing a row of alang and separated by an open space of about 20 m in width. This open space is used as a place of traditional ceremonies or other activities. Of the 4 tongkonan, one of them is in a damaged condition and has not been replaced.

Rante with his menhirs located behind the tongkonan, next to the Toraja Church of the Taniasa congregation. Liang or cemeteries are not far from the location of the tongkonan.

Kande Api menhirs

The landscape of the tongkonan Taniasa and the alang are very interesting because behind the lined of alang are karst hills that look very majestic and beautiful. In the past, the hilly feet were used as a funeral for the people of Kande Api.

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