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Kambira’ baby grave

Kambira’ is a tourist destination located in the Buntu Masakke’ village, Sangalla sub-district. Here there is a baby grave on a tree frequented by tourists. Around the location there are sellers of traditional Toraja crafts that can be bought as souvenirs. The entrance fee is IDR 10,000 for domestic tourists and IDR 20,000 for foreign tourists.

A tree as baby grave. Photo ig@lukmanzyah_id

One of the unique cemeteries in Toraja is a baby grave in a tree. Babies who haven’t gotten their teeth according to traditional Toraja beliefs will be buried in a large living tree. The tree trunk is carved and the baby’s corpse is inserted into it in a standing position facing out. The tomb was then covered with areca nut fronds tied with palm fiber feathers. Funerals in this way are known as passilliran. There are several locations for baby cemeteries (passilliran) on trees in Toraja, one of the famous and often visited by tourists is Kambira’.

Some trees commonly used as passilliran are tarra’, sipate and lamba’. Passilliran is in Kambira’ using tarra’ (kluwih) trees. In traditional Toraja beliefs, these trees are chosen because they have white sap that resembles mother’s milk so that the baby can still breastfeed like to his own mother. The position of the corpse that stands is facing out, because the baby will fly directly to the Creator so that it may not touch the ground or the rock.

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