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Megalithic traditions become part of the traditional Toraja settlement. This stone monument was planted during the ritual of death and became a medium of respect for the ancestors.

Ancient coffin used by the ancestors of the Torajan to save the remains of ancestors. Made in various shapes and sizes and decorated with traditional carvings.

Ancestors hang erong (ancient coffins) on the ceiling of large caves or on hard-to-reach cliffs. Traditional belief believes that ancestors would easily oversee their offspring from high ground.

Babies are still considered sacred so they are not buried like an adult, but are buried in a large tree stem with white gummy. His soul returned to the Creator while his body would grow with the tree.

Characteristic of the ancient burial of Toraja which carves steep rock cliffs for burial. Starting from the days of ancestors and continues to this day.

The nobility of the nobles and their descendants. Symbol of a soul that does not die. A sacred collection because it has passed various traditional rituals.

Traditional Toraja settlements existed hundreds of years ago and are still used today, becoming a living legacy preserved by local communities.

The enchanting natural beauty of the highlands with rows of hills accompanied by traditional houses lined with clouds. Terraced rice fields follow the contours of hills or valleys with clear rivers.

Culture and religion are equally important in Toraja. Some spiritual destinations have become favorites for tourists to visit.

Dense forests store water and emerge as very clear springs, flowing into rivers that surround the mountains, producing so many waterfalls with a very beautiful view.

Some plants and animals are essential for the Toraja people because they are part of tradition and culture. How the cultivation and utilization of it by the local community is an attraction for agro tourism.

There are so many caves in Toraja. Some have been explored and used for a long time, while others remain untouched in the dark and the mystery.

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