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Ghitari Plantation | Agrotourism and Sangalla’ panorama

Ghitari Plantation is a tourist destination that is perfect for refreshing because it has a beautiful panorama. Its location at the top of the Kaero village makes the atmosphere in this place so beautiful and cool. Far from noise and residential areas.

Beautiful and clean

Agro-tourism nuance has become a special color of this place. Apart from panoramas, there is also a view of the village forest, a green and clean park, several species of animals and rice fields in the valley.

beautiful landscape

Some gazebos / huts with tables and chairs are available to hang out while sipping coffee and enjoying the natural beauty of Sangalla’. The manager provides Toraja Arabica coffee and several other menus that you can order.

Gazebo to hang out

Access here can be through 3 paths, namely from the direction Suaya (Bulian Massa’bu), Kondoran (Buntu Masakke’) and from the Makula’. All three access can be passed by all vehicles.

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