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Buntu Burake | The Christ statue

Buntu Burake religious tourism area has become the main Toraja tourism destination. Since it was first developed until now, this place has never been empty of visitors. Better facilities and road access support make Buntu Burake now worthy of becoming an international destination.

The tourist area of ​​Buntu Burake has a major attraction, namely the Blessing of Jesus Statue, as well as being an icon of Tana Toraja. No less famous is the presence of a glass bridge right in front of the statue, the cave of the Virgin Mary and the landscape of the city of Makale and its surroundings.

Toraja’s iconic statue, the Christ statue. Photo ig@ash_tangkesalu

Buntu Burake (Buntu in Toraja means hill or mountain) is karst hills (Burake karst) which are part of the karst mountain Toraja formation. Above this karst tower stands the iconic statue. Buntu Burake is also the name of the village where the religious region is located.

Christ Satatue

This statue was built in 2013 and was completed in 2015 and became the second highest statue of Christ in the world. Because the first highest is the Christ the King statue in Swiebodzin, Poland as high as 52.2 m. The third highest is the Christ the Redeemer statue in the city of Rio de janiero, Brazil with a height of 38 m.

Christ blessing Statue. Photo ig@tigadewaadventureindonesia

The second highest statue of Christ in the world has a height of 40 m from the base of the statue, and all sculpture material is made of cast bronze. Designed by an artist from Bantul, Yogyakarta named Hardo Wardoyo Suarto. Brought to Toraja in separate parts and then reconstructed into a whole statue.

Glass bridges

Glass bridges are now not only in China, namely the Zhangjiajie bridge. Indonesia also has, precisely in Buntu Burake, Tana Toraja. The 90-meter long bridge is the main attraction when visiting Buntu Burake. Built at the end of 2017 to add to the beauty of this religious region.

Glass bridge in front of the statue. Photo ig@femt_sh

Visitors must pay an additional fee of around 50 thousand rupiahs if they want to try the sensation of walking on this glass bridge and time is limited.

Mary Mother Cave

Mary Mother Cave is located about a few tens of meters from the object of the statue. This cave is used as a place of pilgrimage, especially for Catholics.

Makale panorama

Panorama from Buntu Burake. Photo ig@fikrianandaaa

If you are at the peak of Buntu Burake, the beautiful landscape of the city of Makale will be clearly displayed in the valley, surrounded by mountains that are characteristic of Toraja. Right below the foot of the Burake hill there is a residential housing that has settled long before the tour Buntu Burake was developed.

There are several gazebos to rest or enjoy the panorama from above. In the location there are also many snack vendors or various accessories that visitors can buy as souvenirs.

For visitors who like to walk, there are hundreds of stairs that you can try starting from the main parking lot to the base of the statue.

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