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Buntu Singki’ | The Cross monument

The best place to observe the city of Rantepao is from the top of Buntu (hill / mountain) Singki’. To reach the top, visitors will go through hundreds of steps leading to the top. From the mountain which has an altitude of 940 m above sea level, you will see the landscape of the entire city of Rantepao, parts of Kesu’ and also Sopai.

Rantepao city from the top of Buntu (hill) Singki’

In addition to the panoramic beauty of its peak, there is also a magnificent building which is one of the religious icons of North Toraja, the Monument of the Cross.

 The cross monument

This Cross Monument was built in 2012 with a height of 30 m and a width of 12 m. The idea of building a religious object was sparked in 1973, but it only began construction in early 2012 and was formalized in December 2012.

This cross became a symbol of 100 years of the entry of the gospel into Toraja. The year 2013 coincides with the 1st century (1913-2013) the entry of the gospel into Toraja.

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