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Buntu Pune | The ancient site & traditional settlement

What is the attraction of the cultural and historical attractions of Buntu Pune? Antiquity and historical background. Something classic or old-fashioned is invaluable. The historical heritage of the Toraja ancestors in Buntu Pune is something very interesting to explore. So before you travel to Buntu Pune, you should first consider its historical reviews.

pict by @detyosjourney

The Buntu Pune archaeological site is located in the village of Ba‘tan, Kesu ’district, North Toraja. It’s about 500 m from the Rantepao – Sanggalangi axis road. Buntu Pune means on rock.

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Buntu Pune is an ancient Toraja settlement built by Pong Maramba in 1880 and became the center of his government after becoming Parengnge ‘in Kesu’ and Tikala. There are 2 tongkonan (Toraja traditional house) and 6 alang (barns) lined up in front of them. In this ancient site, there are many ancient coffins whose edges are shaped like buffalo heads. These coffins were made of a large piece of wood whose inner parts were perforated. There is also a patane on a hill which was built in 1918 and is part of the Archaeological and Archaeological Heritage Sites.

pict by @gitandepadang
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