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Art & Culture

Sake of a long journey to the world of spirit ...


The culture of the Toraja tribe is a legacy of indigenous Austronesian prehistoric civilizations that still survive. This cultural tradition has been carried out for centuries.

Some of them are very expensive and complicated rituals that have survived across generations. Cultural heritage and art attractions can be easily found throughout Toraja.

The Toraja people always remember the message of their ancestors to preserve the noble values of their culture so as not to become extinct. As one ancestral mandate remembered for generations is:

Nasedanmi nene’ tu kada susi sarong
Natoke’ tambane bakami tu bisara
Kumua…ee..kamu bati’ siosso’ku
anak, ampo, mimi’ kandaureku
Kilalai, robok oi, sulunni
Da’ anna diong padang da’ anna bai uai.

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